How Things Work (or not really do)

How Things Work (or not really do)

I just started this website to present my new (and also my first) book. I am pretty new to book-writing as well as to WordPress, so try to forgive any flaws and hickups you might come across. The book is self-published and currently is available as ebook only. You can find it as a Kindle download on Amazon globally. Additionally, there is an EPUB version out now. It is available on Google Play.

My book ‘How Things Work (or not really do)’ is my attempt to describe and explain what I am experiencing and observing in my work and private life, from stories told by friends and also me reading and watching the news. I tried to unveil recurring patterns, the mechanics behind them and finally ventured to assemble the bits and pieces into a framework that could help to explain those experiences and observations. Improving our understanding of how organisations work is essential. Organisations are everywhere: companies, politics, public administrations, and many others. We witness epic failures of organisations, experience mysterious ways of their workings and are often wondering how specific organisations survive the way they are -yet, they do. Does it have to be like this? Can a given organisation be, e.g. 10x as effective as it currently is?
If you are interested in understanding a bit more about how organisations work and why they work the way they do, this book might provide you with some useful thoughts and concepts.
The solutions that I describe are my conclusions from applying the framework assembled before. You may find some pleasing, others rather obvious and others that I would have forgotten or not thought of.


How Things Work (or not really do)
How Things Work (or not really do) – an attempt to understand how our minds shape communication in organisations
How Things Work (or not really do) – The Book

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